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Hair Styling

Hair styling is a term that got it's start in the movie industry, in Hollywood, back in the 1950's.

The slicked down look, like Clark Gable and Errol Flynn wore, was the "in" look of the day.

The barbers and beauticians in the movie industry were called "stylists".

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Hair Styling Services We Offer:
  • hair shampooing
  • hair cutting 
  • hair styling
  • comb outs

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They started out using the old fish net looking hair nets and spray cans of lacquer to plaster and glue hair into place so it wouldn't move, even in a hurricane.

In those days, guys came in  to the barbershop for hair cuts once a week and a comb out twice a week, just the same as the women would do in a beauty salon.

Hair salons and hairstyling became popular with men... in the 1970's, about the time of the Vietnam War. 

In fact the demand for traditional barbers became so small that many traditional barbershops went out of business.

Barbers either had to get into a school and re-train for another line of work or go back to beauty school and become hairstylists themselves.

Some barbers, like the dinosaur, tried to hold onto the old way they'd always done things.

Their client base dwindled, day by day, until they were no longer able to keep the doors opened.

Even their older clients began to let their hair grow and needed a hair stylist rather than a barber.

Many of these former barbers, of the 1960's, did decide to go  back to school so they could become accustomed to doing long hair styles for men, a thing that was totally new and different to them.

They were trained in shampooing, cutting and contouring men's hair to look longer and fuller.

A big benefit for them was that it rescued them from the dark ages of $.95 to $1.00 haircuts and into the more lucrative arena of hairstyling.

Hairstylists, today, charge from $25.00 to $50.00 a cut for a hair cut or more for hair styling.

So, they've come a long way baby!

At Jo Knox Hair Design, we offer the best of both worlds.  You can choose from having your hair done by a barber or a hairstylist and each of them has the experience and training to to a great job on your hair.

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