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If you just want a haircut, you still have a wide variety of choices in today's barbershop.

Most men, especially the older generation, have a certain type of haircut they're so comfortable with, that I never have to ask how they want their hair cut.

They just climb into the chair and I go to work giving them the same well groomed look that they like so well.

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We do traditional barber shop style:
  • businessmen's hair cuts
  • tapered hair cuts
  • white walls
  • fades
  • flat tops
  • crew cuts
  • butch hair cuts
  • wash 'n wear

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Now, a lot of the younger generation wants that messed up, un-groomed look that is layered, where not everything is even and neat looking.

Sometimes they call it the "just got out of bed look."

Many times people come into our shop and ask for a specific style of haircut.

I recently had a guy who was going on a car club rally for Mustang owners and he wanted a hair cut that wouldn't look like he had just had it.

He wanted it to look like he'd been a week or two without a hair cut.

If Your Hair Isn't Becoming To You,
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